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Silicon balata product is main characteristic and utility
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Silicon rubber products is with methylic vinyl silicon balata is base glue, join all sorts of filling (fill strong dose, heat-resisting agent, modifier) connect via mixing refine, book, filter, add sulfur, mould pressing, crowded piece, stick receive wait for manufacturing technology to be made. Vulcanization rubber products has following character:

(1) be able to bear or endure sex of high low temperature: Can use for a long time below 200 ℃ , be in - below 60 ℃ still bouncy;

(2) dielectric protecties: The interpose report performance of silicon balata is wonderful, especially the interpose report function below high temperature exceeds general and organic balata greatly, interpose report intensity suffers the effect of temperature scarcely inside 20-200 ℃ limits.

(3) be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly weather, be able to bear or endure ozone and be able to bear or endure ultraviolet illuminate function, it is long-term outdoor use do not produce chap. Think silicon balata can be outdoor commonly use 20 years of above.

(4) good high temperature compression set.

(5) favorable treatment shapes function, easily wait for an advantage, can shape through squeezing vulcanization of air giving heat, modular addition, Jia Yancheng wait for honest legal system to make all sorts of product.

Because silicon rubber products has superior integral performance and favorable technical economy effect, already was in aviation, space navigation, nuclear energy, electric equipment, electron, sanitation of appearance, car, mechanical, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical treatment, daily life won wide application in each domains.

Silicon balata runs commonly used dimension and public errand
Silicon balata commonly used dimension reachs tolerancepublic erran

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