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The function of natural balata and utility
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The vitrification temperature of natural balata unripe glue is - 72 ℃ , glue sheds temperature 130 ℃ , begin to decompose temperature 200 ℃ , intense decompose temperature 270 ℃ . After natural balata vulcanization, its Tg rises, also won't happen again stick stream. The flexibility of natural balata The flexibility that its give birth to the vulcanization glue with glue and cross-linking not quite high density is tall. It is for example inside 0-100 ℃ limits, resilience is between 50-85 ℃ , its flexibility model measures the 1/3000 that is steel only, percentage elongation can be amounted to 1000% , drawing arrives 350% , hind, retractile and permanent be out of shape it is only 15% , the flexibility of natural balata is taller, butadiene rubber is next to in general rubber. The intensity of natural balata In stretch material, the intensity of the unripe glue of natural balata, glue that mix refine, vulcanization glue is higher. Not the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber calls case forest strength, the case forest intensity of natural balata can amount to 1.4 ~ 2.5Mpa, it is necessary that proper case forest intensity shapes to balata treatment. Natural balata tear strength is higher also, can amount to 98kN/m, its wearability is better also. The reason with high intensity of natural balata machinery depends on it is to fill oneself strong balata, make when the meeting when drawing orientaton of direction of stress of macromolecule catenary edge forms crystallization. The electric function of natural balata Material of polarity of natural balata dispute, it is a kind of better insulating material. After natural balata vulcanization, because introduce polarity element, wait like brimstone, accelerant, make insulation property drops thereby. Of natural balata be able to bear or endure medium functionNatural balata is material of polarity of a kind of blame, in dissolvent of polarity of its dissolve Yu Fei and blame polarity oil. Natural balata is not able to bear or endure annulus the medium such as personal alkyl, benzine, benzene, not vulcanization glue can be deliquescent in afore-mentioned medium, vulcanized rubber criterion dissolve bilges. Natural balata not dissolve in the acetone at polarity, alcohol, more not dissolve Yu Shuizhong, be able to bear or endure the hydrofluoric acid of 10% , hydrochloric acid of 20% , the vitriolic, of 50% hydrogenous oxidation natrium of 30% . Natural balata is main utility Natural balata has very strong flexibility and good insulating properties, plasticity because of its, lie between water to lie between the characteristic such as gas, tension and wear-resisting, apply widely at industry, agriculture, national defence, traffic, carry, machinery is made, the respect such as medical sanitation domain and daily life, if traffic carries used tire; All sorts of the carriage tape that uses on industry, transmission belt, sealing ring; Medical glove, blood transfusion is in charge of; Bag of the rubber overshoes that uses in daily life, raincoat, warm water is main raw material to make with balata, the aircraft that uses on national defence, cannon, tank, the rocket in domain of sophisticated even science and technology, orbiter, spacecraft, space shuttle need many balata component. The dosage of tire should occupy natural balata to use the half above of the quantity. Company of group of Shanghai tire rubber, Shandong becomes group of tire of limited company of the second best plan of plant of tire of hill rubber company, Shandong, Hangzhou, east wind the use large family that the tire company such as company and company of group of embryo of birch Lin Lun is our country natural balata.
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