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Natural balata (the breed of NR) and classification standard
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Natural balata basically is classified according to making a way, in every kinds in, what press quality standard or raw material again is different and classification. The classification of natural balata is as follows: The rubber that 3 leaves rubber tree produces----1. General kind----(1) grain glue (2) smoke piece glue (3) airing piece glue (4) crape piece glue 2. Especially phyletic----(1) constant sticks balata, oil-extended rubber (2) low stick balata, skim balata (3) Yi Cao makes rubber, carbon black sinks in all glue (4) rarefied balata, clay sinks in all glue (5) tire balata, medicinal powder bead balata 3. Modified kind----(1) difficult crystallization balata, annulus oxidation balata, chlorinated rubber (2) graft balata, liquid balata, hydrogen chlorinated rubber (3) annulus changes balata, thermoplastic the rubber that other plant produces rubber----1. Silver-colored chrysanthemum balata 2. General and natural balata has balata of the bark of eucommia two kinds of grading rules: One kind is to press exterior quality to classification, be like smoke piece glue and crape piece glue presses this kind of method to classification namely; Another kind changes index to classification normally, this kind of method is more scientific, general grain glue classifications by this kind of method. Smoke piece glue80 one's remaining years produce the history, classification with exterior quality, cent of level of our country state has one class, 2 class, 3 class, 4 class, 5 class. One level quality is top, quality chases class to drop after. For example requirement and film do not have mildew, without oxidation stain, without fume do not appear, without fume excessive, all without exception transparent etc. And 2 class smoke piece glue can allow film to have rust of a few dry mildew, slight glue, mix without oxidation stain fume do not appear glue to wait. Various smoke piece glue all has standard glue kind, so that consult. Smoke piece glue is packed bigger, use inconvenience, package of the provision on international is 102~114kg again, bulk is 0.14 stere, smoke should be made clear on glue bag piece glue, the mark such as date of name of level, factory, birth. Crape piece glueBecause raw material is reached,make a law differ, crape piece can divide for latex crape piece, miscellaneous crape piece two kinds. Every kinds in those who inspect quality is different return cent to be different grade. Standard balataOr grain glue, it is 20 centuries the natural balata new breed that 60 time development rises. Previously, general smoke piece, crape piece, airing piece these a few kinds of traditional products are the development that tying natural balata on grading rules, production method no matter. Accordingly, malaysia began to implement standard balata plan 1965, the production of grain balata expanded on the base that uses manage giving birth to glue to change function to classification. Standard balata is to show by machinery foreign matter, plasticity maintains content of initial value of rate, plasticity, nitrogen, grey law to divide the manage such as index of content, ash content content, color to change function index to undertake classificationed balata. Standard balata is packed more advanced also, pack with polyethylene film commonly, have distinctive label, the weight of the bag is lesser, move easily. Malaysia is packed it is 33.3kg again, our country regulation is 40kg. Of standard glue classification relatively scientific, so this kind of grading rules is each main and natural balata very quickly to produce country and international to standardize orgnaization place to accept, made standard gum early or late classification standard. These standard cardinal principle are same, but agree not completely again. For example ISO2000 regulation assigns a grade, the standard GB8081 of our country, 87, the regulation has 4 order and degree. What above place narrates is the natural balata that carries variety, their dosage bizygomatic breadth of big, application. Did not appear in standard glue before, smoke piece glue dosage is the biggest, it is standard glue dosage at present the biggest. The special type balata of other and modified are natural balata, if constant is stuck balata, low it is balata, rarefied balata, tire balata, skim balata, difficult to stick balata, easy operation crystallization balata, carbon black sinks in all balata, clay sinks in all balata, graft is natural oxidation of balata, annulus is natural balata, annulus changes natural balata to wait, they have special function and use each, but dosage is little.
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