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The metric system that high-pressured glue provides makes circuit
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Mix refine to give lining by the recipe with the machine that mix refine glue, middle-level glue and outer glue; Squeeze a lining glue canal with extruder, bag Fu was besmearing on the soft core of agent of drawing of patterns or hard core (liquid nitrogen is refrigerant law also but need not be in charge of core) ; Calendar is pressed into middle-level glue chip, add interleaving agent to close to coil and ask to cut etiquette into parts to decide width by craft; the core that contain a canal glue is in charge of lining to be twined on twister or braiding machine on copper facing steel wire or copper facing wire rope, be in at the same time twister or braiding machine middle-level glue chip synchronism is twined between steel wire of every two copper facing or copper facing wire rope, twine the head since steel wire and terminal point colligation (a little inchoate twister needs to undertake copper facing steel wire prestressing force finalizes the design beforehand processing) ; Wrap clothe on extruder again outer glue, wrap again next pester lead or cloth vulcanization covering layer; Pass vulcanizing tank or saline bath vulcanization; Tear open finally go vulcanization covering layer, take out tubal core, the pipe fittings on burke, sample dozen pressure examine.
Anyhow, canal of glue of production high pressure uses device raw material sort is much, much, manufacturing technology is sophisticated. But in recent years with plastic or thermoplastic the technology of production of hydraulic pressure vitta that elastomer is main raw material can simplify appropriately, but raw material price is high, still give priority to with balata raw material. (the basis is contributed in the working experience of balata institute) .

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