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Natural rubber products is commonly used coating breed brief introduction
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Natural balata is abstracted by natural latex and become, be able to bear or endure strong polarity dissolvent and not oil resistant, do not be able to bear or endure ageing, function differs bigger. The crop in natural rubber products is the biggest, the product with most breed. So far, the circumstance of use paint of natural rubber products is not much. If require besmear costume, because bottom material is better, use alcoholic acid, chlorinated rubber, acrylic acid to wait commonly general-purpose coating. In recent years, what natural balata makes aerate balata bars dam, to raise its to be able to bear or endure atmosphere ageing sex, oil resistant sex reachs the requirement of the label, in order to besmear outfit double constituent is adipose a group of things with common features polyurethane coating is optimal. Additional, a few playgrounds add up to those who wrap Fu balata to protect column, also can besmear the polyurethane coating that installs multicoloured.
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