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The choice of age resistor of of all kinds balata and use
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To the choice of age resistor, the age resistor that because the sort of balata is mixed,the different and optional choose of vulcanization means differs, it is the introduction of age resistor one by one that is in next groovy use to all sorts of balata below.
1 When the age resistor that is used at NR, SBR chooses age resistor, answer from the hear resistance that improves balata, fight ozone sex, be able to bear or endure bend flexibility respect regard. Good to having continuously the demand of the age resistor of stability is more. The 2 age resistor that are used in NBR are right for NBR, the action result that defies agent of ozone chap ageing is lesser. Because age resistor is in NBR,this is sex of each other dissolve is good, thereby hard to balata surface migratory. If be used with olefin,can develop be able to bear or endure the effect of ozone sex. To NBR, the olefin effect that uses small element amount is better. Photograph of the 3 age resistor that use in CR and NR, SBR is compared, CR is able to bear or endure ozone sex is first-rate, but, ozone chap also can happen in be being used for a long time. In CR, join a few 810-NA(IPPD) , 6C, DP fight agent of ozone chap ageing, can rise apparently be able to bear or endure ozone sex. Still have, regard durative heat-resisting as age resistor, CD(carbonization 2 inferior amine) it is effective. The balata of age resistor chloric aether that uses in 4   ECO (ECO) is easy produce bate ageing, the age resistor that can restrain bate ageing effectively has 2 butyl of NBC(2 sulfur are acting nickel of amino formic acid) , MB(Qiu base benzene and Mi Zun) , 224(TMDQ) . In chloric aether balata, if excessive cooperates amine age resistor, fight ozone sex to be able to drop. 5 in balata of ACM(acrylic ester) in use age resistor is acrylic ester kind balata ageing has sclerotic ageing to also have bate ageing already. Accordingly, be necessary to choose appropriate age resistor. To balata of sclerotic ageing acrylic ester, choose age resistor CD relatively effective, and balata of bate ageing acrylic ester, optional choose 224, 6C age resistor. The age resistor that the 6 EPDM that cross oxide vulcanization use in balata crosses oxide vulcanized rubber to use age resistor, zun of general choice Mi kind Qiu of MB, MBZ(base benzene and the zincic salt of Mi Zun) age resistor, additional, in amine age resistor, optional still choose is used lesser to cross-linking influence 224, CD age resistor. In EPDM, can mix MB 224 or CD age resistor is used, can make sizing material has admirable hear resistance. Because they are in the balata of brimstone vulcanization,do not have the effect, do not use this kind of age resistor so.
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