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Oil tycoon apologize: Congenial capital pursues interest only
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The abidance that what element caused international oil price is climbed reach concussion high?
On July 8, BP company was released in Beijing " statistic of BP world energy resources " (the following abbreviation " statistic " ) , the statistical data that provides among them shows, the abidance that oil supplies is fatigued and weak and the growth that blame classics combines constituent state requirement, become drive epicycle international oil price to last the main reason of tall look forward to.
BP group is chief economist overcomes Lisiduofu - Lu Er comment says, data still can't support " congenial capital is pushed tall national oil price " view. Look in its, the capital of field of invest in energy not can from go up at all increase supply and demand to contradict, because oil price is high,also not was necessary look forward to, with respect to limitation capital throws this one domain.
BP company is the oil with the at present largest scale on the world and one of natural gas companies, did this make known this position to represent do in oil consumptive country and oil export the 3rd interest besides the country square? ? The sound of the Petroleum Company that cross a state.
But oil tycoons also ever were operated frequently the investigation of oil price and accusation. According to CCTV report, the general manager Sui Dongming of ministry of research and development of company of broker of Beijing metaphase futures points out, BP company is inside time of nearly one year, for many times the refinery that shutdown overhaul is located in heart city, bring about oil price wave motion, and this company profits through option market however, american government is in finally to BP company fine with a huge sum.
Supply drop cause high oil price?
" statistic " the issuance that has had 57 years the history. " statistic " in say, global oil output fell 2007 0.2% , namely 130 thousand pails / day, was 2002 drop since first.
In interior of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, get in November 2006 and the accumulative total influence of successive in Feburary 2007 reduction of output, should organize the crop 2007 to reduce 350 thousand pails / day. Among them, the member crude output that this organization shares production 10 times fell 900 thousand pails / day. Especially Saudi Arabia, crop reduced 440 thousand pails / day, was last year the oil output with the greatest whole world falls.
In addition, the oil beyond the the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is produced still low fan, grow 230 thousand pails / day. The crop that organizes a country via closing glides although speed puts delay somewhat, but still drop the 5th year continuously.
Those who deserve attention is, since 2007, the crop of Russia area increased nearly 500 thousand pails before / day, among them, russia rose 200 thousand pails / day, nevertheless, this one trend is in enter since 2008, did not get maintenance, its grow extent to begin to appear first slow down evidence.
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