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Environmental protection ministry emphasizes wanting to ensure justice of the da
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Environmental protection ministry held the whole nation in Beijing on July 2 gross of main first half of the year 2008 contaminant decreases a video of the business accounting that check to meet. Undersecretary tension army attend the meeting, communicate the State Council group of the energy-saving leader that decrease a platoon spirit of the 2nd conference, right gross decreases a job of the business accounting that check to make arrangement deploy first half of the year.
Tensional army says, treasure of warm home of group leader of group of leader of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon chairs premier of the State Council, the State Council yesterday hold the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon to lead group meeting, listen to report of case of progress of the energy-saving 2007 job that decrease a platoon, arrange the energy-saving 2008 job that decrease a platoon. The conference agrees to decreased a target to assess a result 2007, offerred sufficient affirmation to the job decreasing a platoon of environmental protection system and taking result, the comrades that are decreasing an a gleam of to the job express to express sympathy and solicitude for. Zhou Shengxian of secretary of leading Party group of environmental protection department, minister attended this meeting, decrease a platoon to assessed a circumstance to make a report with respect to gross of 2007 year various places and company of group of 6 great electric power. After the meeting, environmental protection ministry will ask to announce assessment result to the society according to the State Council.
Tensional army says, below the unified leader of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, come one year, height of each district, departmental door values the job that decrease a platoon, published a series of policy measure, working strength is increased apparently, the job that decrease a platoon gains active headway, realize two main contaminant double drop. But also should realise soberly, the decreasing that is faced with currently discharges a situation still very austere, incorporate is in:  confusing grows permanent teeth に Yu circles Ou Panxing of Yin of where lofty of Yao of apology of fish hawk of Tuo of  Yu  divide evenly of a surname と growing permanent teeth returns Lu of  Yu Huan San to offspring hand in the Chen Xiandu that tick off Bi form Bu of  of  of だ of ⒓ of arc of litter of  favor over sixty years of age, damage of the facilities of local pollution processing, online establishment that monitor is serious, the pressure decreasing a platoon of second half of the year is increased further. Branch of various environmental protection must sturdy confidence, keep sober, ensure each measure that decrease a platoon is fulfilled reach the designated position, finish the job decreasing a platoon this year hard.
Tensional army emphasizes, since the job that decrease a platoon is carried out, environmental protection ministry (total bureau of former state environmental protection) organize early or late began large-scale gross 3 times to reduce a job that check, check with the spot through grooming for many times, abound and enriched the means of the job that check and content, rose to check the staff member's ability and level significantly, take seriously extensively what caused social all circles and enthusiastic echo. But at the same time we also discover, the knowledge that a few places decrease method of a relevant policy, business accounting to national pollution is not quite thorough still, understanding is very not accurate still; Project project material is not complete, non-standard; The existence in cutting down a quantity to declare repeats declare, repeat calculation, declare wait for a problem falsely; Fall into disuse close a business not complete; Some decrease a project to decrease a quantity actually to be checked hard, the hope causes the attention of branch of various environmental protection, calculate the job to offer to checking a nucleus this draw lessons from. He emphasizes, decreasing a platoon to check is data check and ratify and the union that the job checks, the judge that since reduces platoon job effect to each district and maintain, it is to pass spot inspection more, help place discovers a problem, put forward to improve the opinion, process that accelerates the job that decrease a platoon. Accordingly, want to value the value that reduces a job that check highly, sufficient understanding checks the arduous sex of the task and complexity, the responsibility consciousness that always maintaining just to decreasing a data sex, rationality, scientific sex, accurate hold the situation that decrease a platoon, for leaders of all levels decision-making provide scientific basis.
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