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Ou Peike moves growth of demand of crude oil of low future world to forecast
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The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) publish year report 10 days to think, to 2030, gross of demand of world crude oil will be achieved average everyday 1 . 1.3 billion pails. This one word spent the estimation in the report to reduce many pails 400 year after year than Oupeike. The report points out, rising crude price has apparent effect to restraining crude oil to use up. But although arrive 2030, crude oil will still continue is the fuel oil with the mainest whole world, occupy global fuel oil to use up the 85 % above of gross. Meanwhile, of the fuel of blame fossil sex such as biology fuel spend proportion also rising quickly. Predict 2030, the crop that is not natural fuel will be achieved everyday 20 million pails, 10.5 million pails when what estimated last year more than far.

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