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Heavy pollution industry is faced with concentration punish
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On July 10, hair of environmental protection ministry, country changes appoint, judiciary, housing and ministry of censorial ministry, urban and rural construction, industrial and commercial total bureau, install inspect of inspect total bureau, report to be able to be in Beijing to hold countrywide punish to violate blowdown enterprise to guarantee masses health environmental protection jointly conference of special operation videophone, job of special to will beginning environmental protection 5 years henceforth operation did specific deploy. Will choose 1 ~ every year henceforth industry of 2 heavy pollution undertakes centralized punish, the high cost such as chemical industry can, the pollution of tall pollution industry is prevented accusing will still be to execute the law supervisory key.
Zhou Shengxian of minister of environmental protection ministry points out, come 5 years, exert oneself of various places, departmental door investigates an environment to violate act, keep within limits the tall hair impetus of illegal blowdown. Meantime, various places, departmental door dispatchs in all execute the law personnel 700 more than person-time, check a company many 300 second, investigate an environment to violate an enterprise more than 12 second, ban, close illegal blowdown business many 20 thousand. Mix in oil among them chemical industry, 2007, medium oil field of petrifaction Central Plains is petro-chemical fat course of study of Fengxi of finite liability company, Shanxi (group) the enterprise of a batch of influential inside the industry force such as limited company of chemical industry of hill of official of copper of hill of Inc. , copper is included an environment to break the law; And be in this year on July 8, in punish too lake catchment illegal blowdown is special in the action, nitrogen of ammonia of limited company of 3 beneficial chemical industry exceeds Jiangsu mark 72 times exposure be call-overinged, in the meantime, environmental protection branch instructs limited company of engineering of electrochemistry of shellfish of the eagle that do not have stannum, Changzhou Longyu is painty and chemical limited company, medium salt (Jin Tan) salt changes limited company, Nanjing Gao Heng limited company of careful chemical industry a batch violate blowdown badly.
Zhou Shengxian emphasizes, special operation will stressed environmental protection of 5 years mainly henceforth 3 respects work: It is reduce a job around the pollution that finish, the concentration that begins counterpoise to nod industry environment to violate a problem punish. Want a high cost that includes chemical industry inside can, the pollution of tall pollution industry is prevented accuse to regard as execute the law supervisory key, aggrandizement discharges gross control and blowdown license system to carry out the supervisory examination of the circumstance in the light of the contaminant of industrial business; 2 be around rights and interests of safeguard masses environment, the concentration that begins environments of pair of ground of drinkable source of water to violate a problem punish; 3 be around the sea of Jiang He lake that lets can't bear heavy burden rehabilitate, the concentration that begins counterpoise to nod catchment environment to violate a problem punish.
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