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Prospect of balata auxiliary market nots allow hopeful
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Since 2006, auxiliary of our country balata is produced can grow substantially, market competition is intense with each passing day, the product value of almost all breed all is shown glide trend, partial dominant product especially price of balata age resistor drops considerably, profit space is compressed quickly, partial breed appears serious keep long in stock. The beginning of the year up to now, month by month of a lot of balata auxiliary price glide, balata age resistor is opposite especially benzene 2 amine and quinoline kind price fall range is very big, balata accelerant price fall is opposite less. According to statistic, in May 2006, 4010NA of balata age resistor, 4020, RD, 3100, BLE, MB (purificatory) all valence is thirty-one thousand two hundred yuan respectively (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) , thirty-two thousand five hundred yuan, 14 thousand yuan, 39 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, 38 thousand yuan, drop respectively compared to the same period 19.2% , 20.7% , 35.19% , 7.2% , 9.1% , 5% , among them price fall range of age resistor RD is the biggest, manufacturing company already did not have profit almost. Average price of balata accelerant M, DM, CBS, DZ, NS, TMTD, D is fifteen thousand five hundred yuan, seventeen thousand three hundred yuan, twenty-four thousand five hundred yuan, 35 thousand yuan, twenty-seven thousand five hundred yuan, 10 thousand yuan, 25 thousand yuan, drop respectively compared to the same period 7.7% , 8.9% , 2% , 7.9% , 8.3% , 23.1% , 3.8% , especially accelerant TMTD drops extent slants big, already did not have profit basically, space of other breed profit is contractible also. Bring about the reason that balata auxiliary price glides substantially this year to basically have the following: It is to produce can grow with crop rapid. As a result of 2004 ~ 2005 produce and sale of auxiliary of our country balata two flourishing, home lifted the upsurge that balata auxiliary builds. According to statistic, crop of domestic balata age resistor was eighty-two thousand six hundred tons 2005, grow 20.8% compared to the same period; Balata accelerant crop is 138 thousand tons, grow 31.4% compared to the same period. 2006 1 ~ in April, crop of age resistor of our country balata is compared the corresponding period grew about 12% last year; Accelerant grows 14.5% . Grow faster breed to have age resistor among them 4020, accelerant NS and CBS, this shows our country balata and tire industry are high-powered to environmental protection the demand growth of auxiliary is rapid. Since 2005, home lifted balata auxiliary to build upsurge, 2006 1 ~ home is main May balata accelerant enterprise, like Tianjin organic Zhen Bang of odd county of one factory, Shandong, Zhenjiang in succession extend produces device, return company of home of know exactly about sth to build accelerant to produce device; Meanwhile, balata age resistor builds ability more, especially industrial limited company plans British Si Fu to build 20 thousand tons in developing zone of Shandong China open economy / year age resistor 4020 with 4010NA device, and form a complete set builds 20 thousand tons / year right amino 2 aniline produce device, company of German Lang Cheng is in cupreous hill and local enterprise joint-stock construction 10 thousand tons / year age resistor 4020 device, predict the put into production end 2006. 2 because suffer raw material to rise,be influence, tire and rubber products company are global economic benefits is bad. Because the fast fast of domestic tire crop grows, jump to the wastage of balata, cause natural balata supply and demand very nervous, rise in price. According to statistic, in May 2006, domestic natural balata rises in price 53.2% , achieve nineteen thousand five hundred yuan; Synthetic rubber suffers crude price to affect, the price also is resided all the time do not fall high, may 2006 butadiene styrene rubber of home of the last ten-day of a month (1502) the price is seventeen thousand six hundred yuan, rise 21.4% . Of balata price soare, bring about domestic tire industry to produce management difficulty, partial enterprise is in deficit condition, and of tire company benefit low fan, make balata auxiliary price glide again. 3 it is price of raw material aniline glides, bring about balata auxiliary to produce cost to reduce. According to statistic, domestic aniline price maintained 1 ~ basically in May 2006 in 12 thousand ~ twelve thousand five hundred yuan between, and price of the corresponding period was 14 thousand ~ about last year 15 thousand yuan. As in oil auspicious turns firm aniline go back to work, shanxi day backbone 136 thousand tons / year aniline device is about to build go into operation, and device plans the enterprise aniline such as double fine of Shandong China this world, Jiangsu 2006 put into production of building of second half of the year, predict aniline of home of second half of the year is new 2006 increase production can will amount to 350 thousand tons / or so years, aniline and superfluous already became finality. Below the premise that keeps basic and changeless in crude price, aniline price of home of predicting second half of the year will still glide considerably, this will bring about balata auxiliary price to drop in the round again. 4 although amount of exit of domestic balata auxiliary is larger,be current, and the latent capacity that volume of balata accelerant export increases is small, breed of part of balata age resistor also as a result of intellectual property problem, exit resistance is quite great, these will promote price fall of auxiliary of our country balata. The place on put together is narrated, auxiliary of balata of our country of predicting second half of the year is produced can will serious superfluous, competition glides more intense, price further, in the part because small unit will face the awkward situation of stop production without profit space, foreground nots allow hopeful.
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