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Economy of chemical industry of the air on oily electrovalency case already ente
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Oil of near future China and chemical industry association express about the expert, national hair changes appoint announced to go up recently case of the electrovalency that move oil, moving impact of economy of industry of this pair of chemical industry is bigger: Industry profit space is contractible, enter high cost period in the round; But, this action also high cost of keep within limits can the industry grows, of structure of industry of stimulative chemical industry and product structure adjust.
As we have learned, finished product oil rises in price to rise what basically bring about chemical enterprise to carry cost, electrovalency rises to rise what bring about company of bad news phone to produce cost directly. The ability that because cost pressure swims downward,conducts is abate, bring about shrink of chemical industry profit. Concern chief introduction according to Chinese oil and chemical industry association: Since June 20, our country steam (bavin) fat fiducial price rises 1000 yuan / ton, go up for 17% ~ 18% ; According to relevant provision, steam (bavin) fat retail price can be in the float of fundamental before last of fiducial price 8% , visible steam (bavin) fat retail price goes up finally will achieve 25% ~ 26% . This controller expresses, the carriage cost of chemical enterprise will rise significantly, especially the company that products of those major chemical industry count railroad and highway transportation, its cost of sales will increase greatly.
Chemical industry is large family of bad news report, especially the 5 big high cost such as nitrogenous fertilizer, soda ash, caustic soda, calcium carbide, yellow phosphorus can industry, place of electric power cost holds proportion bigger, electrovalency rises make its produce cost to rise apparently. If yellow phosphorus produces average cost report to restrict 14 thousand kilowatt hour / ton, this electrovalency rises will make yellow phosphorus produces cost to increase 350 yuan / ton; Calcium carbide law polyvinyl chloride (PVC) enterprise produces 1 ton of PVC, need 1.5 tons to use up calcium carbide, and the ascendant meeting of calcium carbide cost makes PVC cost raises 135 yuan / ton. In addition, electrovalency rises to also rise the cost that drives other industry. If synthesize ammonia to produce average cost report to restrict 1200 kilowatt hour / ton, electrovalency rises 2.5 minutes / kilowatt hour, the production that makes synthesize ammonia cost increases about 30 yuan / ton; Use at producing the silicon of raw material industry of organic silicon, produce average cost report to restrict 10 thousand kilowatt hour / ton, this electrovalency rises will make industrial silicon produces cost to increase about 250 yuan / ton; Electroanalysis manganese dioxide produces average cost report to restrict 2800 kilowatt hour / ton, electrovalency rises will make electroanalysis the manufacturing cost of manganese dioxide raises about 70 yuan / ton.
Petrifaction association expresses about chief, oil is moved on electrovalency case, drive manufacturing cost to rise, be helpful for coming through method of macroscopical adjusting control high cost of keep within limits can blind dilate of the industry. In the meantime, also will increase apparently " two tall one endowment " the trade cost of the product, then its export keep within limits. Come nearly two years, our country allows introductory cage, export with the industry in succession drawback, execute the economic shift such as differential electrovalency to restrict afore-mentioned high cost can too rapid development of the industry, but in our country's current export goods, afore-mentioned high cost can the product still is had quite amount.
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