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Energy technology becomes chemical industry to tackle key problem key
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" long-term science and technology develop program outline in Beijing (2008 ~ 2020) " announced a few days ago, " program compendium " implement 18 great science and technology certainly special, involve economy of the sources of energy, environment, loop to wait to be mixed with oil among them the key domain closely related chemical industry.
As we have learned, beijing is the 2nd big bad news of countrywide can city, the sources of energy is supplied basically depend on an other place, energy consumption is given priority to with traditional the sources of energy, the sources of energy uses the difference with level and domestic and international metropolitan bigger than existing look. The energy demand that increases quickly continuously and construction resource are managing model, the environment is friendly model formidable task of the society, force Beijing to must be broken through somewhat in domain of energy science and technology.
" program compendium " the research job of affirmatory energy field includes, the energy-saving engineering technology that the key researchs to develop petrifaction to wait for domain of industry of high-energy bad news and equipment; Stress research fuel is added and section oily technology, the cleanness such as derv of aether of research development natural gas, alcohol, 2 armour, biology replaces fuel; Carry on country " cropland of large oil gas and coal-bed gas development " great and special part research and development works.
" program compendium " emphasize, new-style material and careful chemical make the chemical industry that should study energy-saving environmental protection, high additional cost mainly crucial technology, advance synthetic resin the research of technology of new product of technology of special brand and treatment application technology, dimension of differential chemical fibber and synthetic rubber, technical breakthrough achieves in the domain such as product of series of synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and rubber products, lube, synthetic fibre, make the petrifaction industry chain of downstream unifinication in going up.
In addition, beijing still will strengthen material of material of information function material and equipment, carbon fiber, new energy resources, magnetic material, biology medical the crucial technology of the domain such as material tackles key problem; Stress research is useless old tire, useless plastic the dimensions that waits for goods and materials changes processing and second birth to use a technology; The cleanness that studies the key industry such as petrifaction, chemical industry mainly manufactures a technology and establish corresponding standard; The key studies dangerous sex differentiates dangerous chemical to differentiate with classification, dangerous source, dangerous sex is analysed and the risk assesses a technology, and production, store, carry those who wait for link to detect, monitor and technology of calamity accident early-warning.
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