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Plastic production facilities and raw material technology exhibit international
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Exhibit meeting name:
Plastic production facilities and raw material technology exhibit international of 2008 Kazakstan Si Tan
Exhibit meeting site:
Kazakstan Sitanalamutuadaken is special exhibit a center
Extend meeting time:
2008-3-12 arrives 2008-3-15
Sponsor an unit:
British ITE group and ITE are medium inferior company
Exhibit meeting content: 
Sign up end: Exhibit book till
Ginseng extend range:
Of all kinds and plastic production machines equipment, record model machine, extruder, blow model opportunity, expanded plastics machinery, build a machine and reaction layer processing, useless plastic processor fetterses, solder, mould equipment, assist equipment component, control appearance and automation equipment, raw material reachs auxiliary material, plastic finished product, semi-manufactured goods, keep store equipment, cast installation, v equipment, auxiliary service
Postpone meeting introduction:
In inferior the area is plastic of the industry go strong situation make Plastex is become one branch was exhibited beautifully alone 2006 meeting. Previous term or session exhibits net area 1126 square metre, many 110 ginseng postpones business, it is Kazakstan Si Tan of very influential force rubber-plastic industry major is exhibited meeting. 2008 exhibit meeting general first time and wide spring of welcome KazBuild building materials exhibits the corresponding period to hold, current the person look around that exhibits meeting general to attract a large number of bosoms to put order. Exhibit Plastex Central Asia to will attract the person that the major of a batch of high quality is visited as plastic industry major, with other integrated kind exhibit the meeting is different, the person that all visitting is the personage inside plastic industry line of business, take out time to look around of one's own accord exhibit meeting. Exhibit to most ginseng join for business exhibit a purpose nothing more than obtain new order to increase a sale, but Plastex Central Asia offers not merely these: Plastex Central Asia makes you true in understanding inferior the panorama of plastic mart, make extend business and the trend that the trend that the person that look around masters the market discovers the blank of the market and competitor. Also let join at the same time postpone business can organic meeting and in in inferior the trade public figure with old market discusses the market, plastex Central Asia gets in inferior the support of plastic manufacturer and attention.

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