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Shenzhen international is rubber-plastic exhibition
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Exhibit meeting name:
Shenzhen international is rubber-plastic exhibition
Exhibit meeting site:
Shenzhen is met exhibit a center
Extend meeting time:
2008-6-19 arrives 2008-6-21
Sponsor an unit:
Guangdong saves machinery engineering
Undertake unit:
Shenzhen city much person goes industrial limited company
Exhibit meeting content: 
Ginseng extend range Ranges Of Exhibition
One, oak is plastic machinery and equipment
1, rubber-plastic and mechanical equipment and mould 2, form a complete set and of all kinds component
2, plastic raw material, auxiliary, auxiliary material
Industrial chemicals, project is bead of plastic, plastic raw material, additive, lubricious mother, lubricious paper of pink, colorant, bronzing, heat turns imprint paper
3, plastic products
1, plastic products, rubber products
2, rubber-plastic canal of weather strip, glue, model film plank
Show time
Showpiece time: On June 19, 2008- - 20 days of 9:00—17:00
On June 21, 2008 9:00—16:00
Cloth extends time: On June 17, 2008 9:00—17:00
On June 18, 2008 9:00—22:00
Remove extend time: On June 21, 2008 16:00—22:00
Ginseng exhibit expense
Cost Of Exhibition
Exhibit an expense (clearing 18 hire since smooth rice)
Kind Not 9 smooth rice exhibits a clearing to mount administration fee especially
㎡ of USD 10/ of ㎡ of international area USD 1500 USD 150/
㎡ of the 9 RMB 10000 RMB1000/m RMB 10/ that make the same score rice
Half exhibit 4.5 smooth rice: RMB 5000
Include: Negotiate desk a piece, chair two, shoot the light electrical outlet of 2 small cup, power source
Exhibit a standard configuration
Shoot lamp Fire Light 220v/10A
Lintel board Lintel 3. 0m
Boarding Exhibition Board 3m
Two pieces of chairs Two Chair
Table a piece One Table
Socket One Socket
Lin You of humble of advertisement of proceedings of a conferences of advertisement of proceedings of a conferences exhibits business to offer 210mmX285mm
26000 humble of cover ¥ Page ¥ 9000
16000 prize of back cover ¥ are full edition ¥ 3000
9000 colour of ¥ of inside front cover half edition ¥ 1800
¥ of inside back cover ¥ of 7000 black and white edition 1800
Entrance ticket ¥ 1000/ 10 thousand pieces of arch Door ¥ 3500
2800 be born of balloon ¥ balloon ¥ 2800

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