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The 5th Suzhou exhibits even department industry
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Exhibit meeting name:
The 5th Suzhou exhibits even department industry
Exhibit meeting site: 
Extend meeting time:
2008-9-3 arrives 2008-9-6
Sponsor an unit:
China International commerce promotes council of meeting Suzhou city, dispatch to tell exhibition company (the dispatch that Hong Kong combines bourse to appear on the market is connected accuse a limited company member)
Exhibit meeting content: 
Suzhou is famous city of Chinese history culture and important scenery travel city, it is one of central cities with main delta of the Yangtse River. It is economy development is the rapiddest, have one of cities of competition ability most. GDP gross grew 18% first half of the year 2007, amount to one hundred and sixty-three billion and thirty-six million yuan, exceed Shenzhen (151.9 billion yuan) , rank throughout the country is big in urban GDP gross the 4th, and follow closely is in Beijing (one hundred and ninety-one billion and thirty million yuan) , Guangzhou (one hundred and eighty-six billion five hundred and fifty-four million yuan) after the oversize city on these two traditional senses. Suzhou is thrown as a result of nearly two years of on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan productivity, the likelihood surmounts Beijing, Guangzhou before 2008, become the economic “ that is next to Shanghai gigantic without bully ” city. Current, already had 90 extraction group city of lysol of 500 strong transnational corporation invests, suzhou has become base of China's important production, research and development.
Suzhou is located in Jiangsu to save the southern part, shanghai is faced east, zhejiang is received south, xi Baotai lake, north depends on the Yangtse River. Be apart from airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge 80 kilometers, be apart from Pudong International Airport 120 kilometers, of the freeway that Suzhou develops through periphery, railroad, canalage and aviation net and China and world each are main the city is linked together. The Suzhou international of new completion reads extensively the center is an Asia super exhibit one of houses, repose in the lakefront of golden pheasant of area of Suzhou industry garden with elegant scenery, be located in crossing of high speed of Shanghai peaceful high speed, Su Jia boat.

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