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Hua Dong (Suzhou) international is rubber-plastic glue and exhibition of equipme
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Exhibit meeting name:
Hua Dong (Suzhou) international is rubber-plastic glue and exhibition of equipment of the technology that pack
Exhibit meeting site:
Suzhou international reads extensively center
Extend meeting time:
2008-9-3 arrives 2008-9-6
Sponsor an unit:
The member that China International commerce promotes meeting Suzhou municipal Party committee meeting
Undertake unit:
Shanghai dispatch postpones the meeting exhibition limited company
Exhibit meeting content: 
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes council of meeting Suzhou city
Dispatch tells exhibition company (the dispatch that bourse of Hong Kong combination appears on the market tells holding company)
Undertake unit: Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company (dispatch connects accuse a domestic subsidiary) TEL: 8621 - 63045419 - 222 FAX:&Nbsp;8621 - 64181136
Contact: Mr Li Xiaoyu Mobile phone: 13761353678 E-mail:
Support an unit:
Jiangsu saves association of the technology that pack Consortium of aircraft of mold of city of Home Zhang harbor
Association of trade of industry of machine of mold of peaceful wave city
About Suzhou
Suzhou is famous city of Chinese history culture and important scenery travel city, it is one of central cities with main delta of the Yangtse River. Also be economy development is the rapiddest, have one of cities of competition ability most. Suzhou introduced foreign capital to reside the whole nation first half of the year 2005 the first, register foreign capital 72.21 billion yuan, exceed far 2 Shanghai (55.61 billion yuan of) . GDP gross grows 18% , it is a Zhen of exceeding operational depth more (1, 51.9 billion yuan of) , amount is amounted to 1, sixty-three billion and thirty-six million yuan, jump house whole nation the 4th, and follow closely Beijing (1, 91.03 billion yuan) , Guangzhou (1, eighty-six billion five hundred and fifty-four million yuan) after the oversize city on these two traditional senses. To having the city of level of a ground of 5.83 million population only character, suzhou economy is a miracle.
  Suzhou is thrown as a result of nearly two years of on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan productivity, these capital will be in in the near future number of translate into GDP, the impetus that grows because of high speed of this Suzhou GDP still will last, beijing, Guangzhou is surmounted possibly before 2008, become the economic “ that is next to Shanghai gigantic without bully ” city. Current, already had 90 extraction group city of lysol of 500 strong transnational corporation invests, suzhou has become base of property of China's important production, research and development.
Suzhou is located in Jiangsu to save the southern part, shanghai is faced east, zhejiang is received south, xi Baotai lake, north depends on the Yangtse River. Be apart from airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge 80 kilometers, be apart from Pudong International Airport 120 kilometers, of the freeway that Suzhou develops through periphery, railroad, canalage and aviation net and China and world each are main the city is linked together. The Suzhou international of new completion reads extensively the center is an Asia super exhibit one of houses, repose in the lakefront of golden pheasant of area of Suzhou industry garden with elegant scenery, be located in crossing of high speed of Shanghai peaceful high speed, Su Jia boat.
Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda
" Hua Na oak is plastic " , MM " contemporary and plastic " , " Guangdong is plastic " , " plastic technology and equipment " , " plastic industry " , " advertisement of Hui Cong market conditions plastic industry " , " China is made " , net of HC360 Hui Cong
Su Wan of daily of hill of evening paper of river of newspaper of economy of evening paper of city of morning paper of news of …… of Shanghai TV station, Zhejiang TV station, Jiangsu TV station, Suzhou TV station, Shanghai broadcasting station, stage, Yangtse Evening Post, Shanghai, money, elder brother, aunt signs up for, Wen Zhou evening paper, Changzhou evening paper…
Congress will print entrance ticket 300 thousand invite professional audience, print proceedings of a conferences 30 thousand free manner and airs send buy the home.
Large-scale outdoors advertisement, electron advertisement.
Show range:
One, oak is plastic kind
1, manufacturing facilitiesL Shoot a forming machine: Horizontal shoots type of a forming machine, vertical, much station to shoot a forming machine, balata to use shoot a forming machine; L Hollow forming machine fetterses: The machine that blow bottle, die casting machine, make bag of machine, crowded play forming machine instrument, shoot blow hollow forming machine to fetters; L Force controls forming machine: Hot pressing forming machine, oil pressure reduces forming machine, jib forming machine; L Extruder and extrude make a plant: Extruder, crowded an entire plant equipment, blow bag of entire plant equipment, plastic skin and plastic cloth entire plant equipment, bale equipment of tape entire plant, tube, hard canal makes plant equipment, drench film and gelatinize make plant equipment; L Balata machinery: Machine of tire machinery, Zhan canister machinery, 10 thousand horsepower, extruder, calendar (microtome) .
2, other treatment is mechanicalL Thermoplastic production machine of machine of forming machine of forming machine, project rubber products, vacuum, eager sealing side, straw; L Frit receives facility: Tall cycle frit receives frit of machine, supersonic wave machine; L Printing machine fetterses: Move imprint machine, silk imprints machine, iron machine of golden machine, printing machine of hot transfer interpreter, ticket, true hectograph.
3, auxiliary equipment and fittingsL Manipulator reachs automation equipment: The system of hot flow path, disintegrator, machine that mix scene, automatic filling machine, desiccator,
The machine of cold water machine, cooling water tower, constant temperature, machine that build bead, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic component, hydraulic pressure is motor / pump, temperature controller, feeling is measured implement, plastic expect with screw canister, assemble and unassemble, reach cooling unit for expecting drier of device, hopper, mould heats.
4, material and productL Former stock, industrial chemicals, plastic raw material, additive, lubricious mother, lubricious pink, colorant, agglutinant material; L Material of balata of film of gum of canal of glue paper, film, adhesive plaster, glue, glue board, bubble, hot pressing, other model.
5, controller, check tests equipment: Survey scene implement, other measurement, censorial reach record instrument.
2, pack kind
The of all kinds machine that pack reachs automation product line; Food and medicines and chemical reagents are packed; Make bag and the machinery that make a case; Presswork package machine.

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