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Industry of rubber of 2009 India international is exhibited
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Exhibit meeting name:
Industry of rubber of 2009 India international is exhibited
Exhibit meeting site:
India adds Er to answer each exhibition center
Extend meeting time:
2009-1-28 arrives 2009-1-31
Sponsor an unit:
Indian international rubber industry
Exhibit meeting content: 
Show an area: &Nbsp; 10, 000 square metre
Ginseng exhibit quotient: &Home Nbsp; 250 (statistic of previous term or session)
Professional audience: &Nbsp; 12, 000 (statistic of previous term or session)
Audience limits: &Nbsp; is open to professional audience
Limits of item on display: &Nbsp; car tire, project tire, steam door mouth, tire cloth, tire raw material; Adhesive plaster; Latex goods; Carry conveyer belt; Canvas and rubber overshoes machinery test equipment; Mould rubber products; Raw material; Face-lifting material; Garden hose; Canvas bed; Athletic product
Exhibition brief introduction
Industry of Indian international rubber is exhibited is India the most large-scale congener exhibit meeting, exhibited an area 2007 10000 square metre, come from China, germany, malaysia, sri lanka, 250 enterprises of the country such as Thailand and United States attended this to exhibit meeting, professional audience reachs 12000 people. Visiting business comes from Australia, bangladesh, brazil, china, iran, italy, japan, pakistan, russia, singapore, thailand, turkey, england reachs 19 nations such as the United States. The mainest channel that Indian enterprise obtains international information is to attend to perhaps visit international fair, its exhibition holds a number not much, but resounding effect is apparent. Gross of Indian rubber industry is equivalent to the summation of southeast Asia market almost, increase propagandist strength through the channel such as exhibition, make Indian client sufficient know Chinese rubber industry, it is the good way that Chinese rubber company extends Indian market
Large ginseng exhibits international business: 3M India, apollo Tyres, pulsar Rubber, phoenix Yule, forbes Marshall, desma, IGCC, reliance Industries
India has been the whole world the 4th big natural balata is produced and consume a country, the 5th big balata (natural balata and synthetic rubber) consume a country. India also is country of the world's biggest reclaimed rubber treatment, the 3rd big balata produces the whole world country. India has 5000 rubber company, produce product of 35000 kinds of balata, from personnel of course of study 400 thousand person, include the personnel of 25000 technologies qualification, produce per year a quantity 8 billion U.S. dollor, contributive India taxation 1.6 billion U.S. dollor, had dominant core effect to Indian countryman economy.
Predict according to Indian Society of Rubber Industry, be in in the near future in, balata consumption of India will continue to maintain growth, year increase rate is at least between 12 % of 10 % ~ , this basically is to get auto industry with growing 10 % every year at least - the driving that the rate of 15 % develops quickly. What because multiply,reach business affairs car with the car is mass-produced, breathtaking to the rate of domestic demand growth of balata product. The balata of 65% entered automobile industry, especially car tire, 46% what its balata consumption takes all balata consumption. Indian rubber industry is growing with enormous rate. India has become global balata tycoon to invest the good land that invests with the technology directly.
But industry of Indian balata raw material grows apparent lag, need a large number of imports every year, especially glue of line of all sorts of balata auxiliary, shade, carbon black, butyl all need a large number of imports, this produced an enterprise to offer an opportunity for Chinese balata raw material. Job of Indian oak machinist is relatively backward, technology of its country product lags behind at China apparently, main and advanced equipment and tire mould count an import, and course of Chinese rubber device develops for years, overall level excel India product, the competition ability with stronger than having photograph of other developed country is the same as in Indian market.
As we have learned, chinese rubber industry provides the product that develops latent capacity most in Indian market is: Embryo of midday of glue of cloth of careful balata auxiliary, curtain, carbon black, synthesis, each seed shapes tire of equipment, other shapes all sorts of extruder of equipment, pin, close refine roller of machine, bore kind machine of vulcanization of type of machine of vulcanization of flat of equipment, vacuumize, inject machine, beat.

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