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Meter box closed the most prominent risks of aging hose
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This year, 47 million users in Hangzhou began a second round of home security. Under the plan, this year a total of 23 million households to complete the security of gas. So far, nearly 70% has been completed, more than 160,000. This round of home security, still find a lot of problems: for example, gas pipeline corrosion, hose is too long, over-age stove, water heater flue is too long and so on. Among them, the gas supply facilities were closed, and the aging of the hose over age the two most frequent safety hazards. Gas meter box at home Do not "boring" Hangzhou Gas Group Manager Chen of business services branch, and now many home decoration, in order to aesthetics, are taking the gas valve, meter box, etc. installed in the cupboard; stove also use embedded stove, stove pipe and between Hose connections are also hidden in the cupboard. This is actually very safe. Gas pipe needs cooling, can not be too "boring." Once loose gas pipe, hose aging or damaged, it will leak. The hose into the cupboard, not easy to discover, it is easy to lead to disaster. Meanwhile, the cabinets near the meter box, valve near the stuff does not pile too real, to leave enough room for frequent or maintenance. Hose to prevent rat molar bite "10 months since we received the indoor alarm 21 from the gas safety incidents. Among them, the connecting pipe of the problems, such as hose damage, aging, there are 13 cases." Mr. Chen said. The damaged hose indoors due to the culprit of gas make it difficult to think of the accident - mice. Gas stove and hose pipe connection, has become a tool for its teeth. Hangzhou Gas Group Operations Services Division Manager Yang proposed anti-mouse, the best replacement of metal hose, "metal hose is not easy to bite, the age is also longer, 8-10 years." Winter gas safety should pay more attention Into the winter, many families often doors and windows closed, it also should pay attention to gas safety. Gas Group, to remind the responsible person, first of all, gas hose, use period is 18 months, to be replaced; stove valves, each meal should burn off, so even if the hose cracks, damage and other issues not found As regards the incident did not fire, explosion. Once indoor gas leak, first turn off the table before the gas valve, open windows and doors indoor ventilation, such as prohibiting all open electrical switches behavior may cause sparks, open flame is prohibited leak to the outside dial calls.
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