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Pungent smell of burning rubber hose at night disturbing incident Park junctio
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"Some people in the burning plastic, and you quickly come to see it." Evening of November 20, a public rebellion that crossing the park in Nanning China smoke, unpleasant odor, and this is the second consecutive day. Evening 10:30 Xu, Zhou said the public, someone in the park road burning waste plastic products, the odor is very unpleasant. She said 19 was found burning at night, thinking that a night light went out, did not expect the evening of 20 Also in the burn, the family did not dare open the window. 11:30 Xu night, the reporter had just come to China Park intersection, they smelled the pungent smell of burning plastic. Subsequently, the discovery of a large hospital in Park Road, someone in the burning items, pungent odor that is floating from there Out. Iron gate across the front of the compound, the reporter saw a man sat by the fire, stirring from time to time with a stick burning objects. "You in the burning tire?" The reporter asked. Near the fire came to the door man heard this, but did not open the door to reporters. "There is no burning tires, a tire and no, are some of the rubber waste." This person professing folks The man said he was here to see a person at night, the day was arranged for him to burn these waste hose. He also admitted that this is the second consecutive night, burning of abandoned hoses and other items. When a reporter asked whether that this interference China, he said: "Tomorrow is not burned, all burn out."
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