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The total valve hose to do with aging is fatal risks
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20th of this month, a 27-year-old life as a gas leak halted; Last month, a eight-ten days old were smoked down at home, after suspected gas hose aging; this year in April, a 50-year-old middle-aged man has just retired after finishing procedures, not enough time to enjoy a leisurely retirement to death by gas poisoning due to unauthorized alterations Gas ... ... a fresh life, people sighed with regret again the painful lesson learned. Since this winter, gas leak cause deaths and injuries still occur. Yesterday, reporters from City Gas Company was informed that the main cause of the accident is still concentrated in the aging hose off, not off main gas valve and gas alarm is not installed. The safe use of gas? It is understood that the city a total of 740,000 gas users, underground gas pipeline more than 1,600 kilometers. As the winter household doors and windows closed, so it is easy in case of a gas leak causing suffocation. Gas company officials said the aging hose off, not off main gas valve and gas alarm is not installed on the accident is still the main reasons gas. Winter is the gas accident-prone period, remind the majority of city residents concerned about gas company gas use common sense to ensure gas safety. 1. Each gas users should be installed and the proper use of gas alarm. 2. Some people care when using gas. 3. Run out of time after the gas valve off the total. 4. Use a special gas hose, the length of not more than 1.5 meters, both ends of the connection to be reliable, fixed, gas hose shall not pass through walls, windows or doors. 5. Hose easy to aging, damage, residents need to check regularly. 6. Do not install the gas stove near the window, to see whether there are flammable materials near the stove. 7. Prohibit the use of vertical-type water heaters. 8. Strictly prohibited without permission converted gas facilities, the main gas group change should apply from the construction professionals. 9. Indoor gas facilities shall not be wrapped, tie up, not into a wall, floor, not allowed to cross the bedroom, bathroom, underground gas pipes. How to deal with that gas leak? Gas Company to remind, if detected or suspected gas leak, should immediately take the following measures: 1. Hold your breath, close the valve 2. Open the windows to keep the ventilation 3. If necessary, call the gas company immediately to the outdoor customer service hotline 96177 4. If it is found poisoned persons, the light moved to the outdoor fresh air, in serious cases sent to hospital immediately 5. If it is found a gas leak next door, knocked on the door immediately notice, do not use the doorbell, to prevent the spark, an explosion.
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