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Gas hose length not more than 2 meters
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Past two years, through the media and Changchun Gas brochures, many people have learned that the family "double fork alone", "hose aging", "change the random access private" and so are the security risks. December 11, 2010 is the 10th anniversary of Changchun Gas market day, the occasion for a special occasion, this newspaper has decided to launch joint Changchun Gas "Gas Safety Awareness Month" activities. Over the next month, this newspaper will publish the knowledge of gas safety. 13, Changchun Gas home security experts introduced some of the gas attention to detail, hope to the lives of the vast number of gas users and property play a reminder. Always check the gas infrastructure (two-pronged, si ngle nozzle) is intact; To turn off the gas after the gas pipeline on the time switch (two-pronged, single nozzle); Check in before going to the gas valve is closed; To use the state approved the production of qualified gas appliance, stove with flame failure protection devices should use the product; Qualified to use special gas hose; Replace hoses every two years; Hose connection, use the clasp fixed; Do not use plastic pipe to connect gas stove; Do not hose close to the stove, or across the plate in the following; Hose length can not exceed 2 meters, and can not wear windows and doors, house wall use.
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