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Synthetic rubber brand sets GB 5577, 85
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This standard of of 1 suitable scope applies to the breed name that makes synthetic rubber, do not apply to latex. Brand of 2 synthetic rubber stipulates regulation of synthetic rubber brand uses balata breed code name and composition of 4 arabic numeralses. Synthetic rubber of code name of breed of 2.1 synthetic rubber uses GB 5576, 85 " synthetic rubber names " in balata breed code name of the regulation expresses. Before the concerned regulation of digit of 2.2 arabic numeralses stipulates 4 digit are medium two digit express the main feature of balata breed. Main feature can part to be measured with monomer of content of monomer type, structure, union, catalytic system and treatment means express. The two digit after 4 digit are medium are the basis fills up degree of circumstance, pollution, door Buddhist nun the serial number that the different function such as viscosity or molecular quantity weaves (individual balata breed has formulary except) additionally. Product pollution degree and fill up the situation shows with the 3rd digit more, viscosity or element measure door Buddhist nun to express with the 4th digit, book sort order by low, medium, tall order. 2.3 breast get together breast of brand of butadiene styrene rubber gets together method of authorized strength of brand of butadiene styrene rubber, with association of generator of international synthetic rubber (the series that IISRP) sets is identical. State with SBRl000 series heat gets together namely glue, SBR 1500 series shows Leng Ju glue, SBR 1600 series expresses to fill carbon black glue, SBR 1700 series expresses to fill oily glue, SBR 1800 series expresses to fill glue of mother of oily carbon black. Brand of balata of liquid of brand of 2.4 liquids balata sets with balata breed code name right next horn increase put oneself in another's position of English letter small letter 1 express with 4 arabic numeralses. Before two digit are main feature, two digit are serial number after. A(of appendix of definite opinion of gauge of number of 2.5 main features complements a) . The row inside appendix A has: Balata breed name, the specific provision of balata breed code name and main feature. Brand of 2.6 synthetic rubber sees appendix B(complements a) . The row inside appendix B has: Provide the synthetic rubber shop sign that weave by this standard, and the character of corresponding brand breed. Limits of place line function offers what the person that use chooses breed to use. Synthetic rubber develops add of 3 lives a famous player and produce an unit, when to its synthetic rubber new breed has identification or undertaking selling with the product, answer to put in buccal unit 's charge to offer a product to concern technical material to synthetic rubber technology beforehand. Synthetic rubber technology puts in buccal unit 's charge to answer jointly with development, manufacturing unit sets a standard with the brand according to naming, decide the name of new product and brand, apply for approval director branch is examined and approve.
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