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Industry of natural gas of our country oil already was made now release 48 " bil
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On June 16, national hair changes appoint in approving occupation standard of issuance natural gas of a batch of oil, having 14 is standard of Chinese and English bilingual edition, increase level of 34 when release since 2003 bilingual edition, industry of natural gas of our country oil already was made issued standard of 48 bilingual edition, carry out for industry of natural gas of our country oil " go " the strategy, developed market of abroad oil gas to level road. According to oil industry oil of standardization institute director, whole nation is gotten collect equipment and tool to standardize technical committee secretary-general Introduction Gao Shengping, bilingual edition standard is industry of our country oil is carried out " go " the strategy, the urgent need of development international market. Level of the exercise standard of international oil market, safe standard, administration with home market of work skill service has very big difference. The standard of different country, different Petroleum Company also each are not identical. In overseas exercise, use American oil generally to learn (API) standard and international Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard. But habit of the ambient conditions of world each district, exercise and safe demand are diverse, a few countries or area also cited other more rigid standard and requirement. On the other hand, ISO and API standard basically are oil equipment standard, involve the project technology standard of the respect such as exploration of oil natural gas, artesian well, logging rarely, to our country work of engineering of overseas operation team brings very big challenge, be badly in need of having level of unified engineering work skill in market of engineering of domestic and international oil. 2002, oil industry standardizes the international that technical committee puts forward to standardize the strategy, include to make the designedly of standard of technology of 600 multinomial projects with distinctive industry of our country oil edit standard of Chinese and English bilingual edition, in order to satisfy the need that abroad oil project works. Begin to make from 2002 " oil content explore measures a standard " wait for standard of 5 bilingual edition, issued standard of 48 bilingual edition in all in June to this year, enclothe equipment of development of cropland of geophysical prospecting of oil natural gas, artesian well, logging, oil gas, oil to wait for a domain. Gao Shengping says, bilingual edition standard comes from the demand that our country abroad project works, it is abroad is done not have and our country already had and need promotes the oil occupation standard to international. In the schedule of project of a standard that in oil industry standardization institute offers, the reporter sees, in standard of 48 when already finished bilingual edition, making an appointment with 1/4 is to be made first, other it is castigatory standard more. And castigatory in occupation standard of bilingual edition oil, it is original more conformity of a few standards is a standard, complemented a series of new requirements of respect of healthy, safe, environmental protection, make its standard provides maneuverability more, conform with international convention. According to introducing, the bilingual edition standard that industry of our country oil rolls out already obtained those who make much abroad Petroleum Company to approbate in cooperating external, caused the wide attention of advanced Organization for Standardization of international Organization for Standardization and abroad. Push for standard of technology of natural gas of our country oil to the international market, the oil project technology that supports our country serves a team to participated in international competition to lay solid foundation. For example, oil of the sea in the basis produces those who need a staff actually " maritime oil field is overall guideline of development program work out " bilingual edition standard, be adopted when oil field of joint development Bohai Sea, not only the plan that makes collaboration just abandoned him, still make we won time, gained considerable benefit. Be like again, the borer installation Party A that in serving a process according to technology of abroad artesian well of company of artesian well of Chinese oil Great Wall, encounters examines the problem that has not understood makes " oil rig field assembly and examine " bilingual edition standard, the installation quality that assured drilling machine of team of work of our country abroad artesian well effectively and examine percent of pass, enhanced the security that artesian well works, shortened greatly borer installation examines periodic, reduced artesian well cost. Be worked by our country abroad artesian well of the team reputably, got the self-identity of foreign company. Bilingual edition standard is carried out for industry of natural gas of our country oil " go " the strategy provided a help. According to statistic, before 2002, chinese oil is abroad crop of crude oil exercise only 21.29 million tons, crop of rights and interests many tons 1000; The construction work rank that takes door going abroad is mere many 170, entered overseas market only 30 countries, exit of abroad technology service, equipment, project contracts income only 1 billion dollar. To 2007, crop of exercise of abroad crude oil has broken through Chinese oil 50 million tons, crop of rights and interests also achieves 28 million tons. Abroad oil gas runs a project to already achieved 69, distributing to be mixed in 26 countries area. The project that takes door going abroad serves a team to already achieved 500, distributing to be mixed in 48 countries area, scope of business includes construction of content explore, artesian well, logging, pipeline and project to wait. Team of abroad oil project already amounted to Chinese petrifaction 191, distributing in Africa, middle east, medium South America, medium inferior, area of South Asia and other places 30 countries. Occupy Gao Shengping to tell, current, industry of natural gas of our country oil has committee of technology of 3 national standardization and an occupation standard to turn technical committee, namely oil of committee of technology of standardization of countrywide oil natural gas, whole nation is gotten collect natural gas of equipment and committee of tool standardization technology, whole nation to standardize industry of technical committee, oil to standardize technical committee and 16 major committee. Make 110 states in all standard and 1600 multinomial occupation standard. Current, in oil, medium petrifaction, medium sea oil shares many 700 team active overseas, the portion oil that from inside abroad collaboration our country obtains every year will arrive at 50 million tons, this is bilingual edition standard make edit raised more pressing requirement.
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