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Standard appoint standardize labour 8 years to make 8 focal points certainly
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The whole nation that held in Beijing on December 19 used conference of international standard job to decide our country standardized 8 keys of the job 2008.
Our country standardized a key to include 2008: It is those who finish 10 thousand standards on time make the task, system of perfect state standard, solve a standard to be short of miss an issue. 2 it is to accelerate finish 11 thousand mark age to exceed period of national level edit the task, build and perfect fixed reexamine system of the standard, solve standard ageing problem. 3 it is to catch good country science and technology to support a focal point special " crucial technology standard pushs a project " with 176 levels that include a country the plan the research with special scientific research works, ensure these study positive result as scheduled level of translate into state, implementation metric system is decided as synchronous as scientific research, solve standard lag problem. 4 it is to deepen reform, aggrandizement gives priority to the standardization job mechanism of body with the enterprise, encourage an enterprise to combine own innovation technology and standard look, raise the content of own intellectual property in the standard. 5 it is around national economy development works mainly, accelerate agriculture, resource managing wait for construction of system of key field standard with line of business of environmental protection, traditional industry, public safety, new and high technology, service. 6 it is to accelerate " standardization law " edit, establish standardizes working law position with what the enterprise gives priority to body. 7 it is to accelerate resource of national technology standard to serve platform construction, natural resources of information of integrated domestic and international standard, form the big platform that all-around interconnection each other connects, provide seasonable, accurate standard news service for social all circles. 8 it is to strengthen a place to standardize the job, stimulative place economy grows quickly, should increase funds investment and standardization to set an example area construction, should choose in funds support, science and technology, talent education, international standardizes the respect such as regular guidance, provide the support with whole mutiple level side and service for the enterprise.
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