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New " GB " brigadier of mark of 10 thousand energy-saving environmental protecti
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National level appoint director Liu Ping all says on the meeting, national level appoint had caught concentration 2008 with " managing energy law " , " circular economy standard " the 82 states level of form a complete set and " the enterprise is energy-saving general rule of standard system work out " make edit and promulgate executive job. According to our country the energy-saving task that decrease a platoon, increase with can product, equipment can effect standard and high cost can the development strength of the market admittance standard such as limitation of product specific power consumption, widen can effect label domain.

National level appoint still will change with national hair appoint wait for a branch to be released jointly " 2008 - resource is managing 2010 and use a standard integratedly to develop a program " , strengthen with flower, the international that the country such as beautiful, heart, law standardizes a respect in energy natural resources cooperates.

Divide this beyond, liu Ping all expresses, national level appoint return system of standard of will perfect agriculture; Promote traditional industry standard the standard, accelerate perfect equipment to be spun manufacturing industry, steely, coloured, chemical industry, gently, the system of traditional field standard such as building materials, raise technical level of the standard; Build communal and safe system of standardization, the work out that the communal and safe level such as safety of constituent liaison man, fire control safety, information safety and special type equipment plans, accelerate relative standard to make edit; Continue to had caught new and high technology to standardize the job, the key reinforces the IT field level such as business affairs of electronic government affairs, electron the stress level such as technology of rice of systematic construction and biology medicine project, accept develops the work; Accelerate development to serve course of study to standardize the job, enlarge service standard to cover range.

It is reported, the pacing at the beginning of the basis calculates, one accords with our country economy to unite authoritative standard system development, scientificly to need level of 30 thousand multinomial state, our country is current and only 21 thousand multinomial, still level of 10 thousand multinomial state needs to develop.

Our country is having 10000 in the national level of formulate at present. In already having national level, there are 11 thousand in castigatory.
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