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63 oil and chemical standard are abolished
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National hair changes appoint released a few days ago 2008 the 9th announcement, abolish 436 occupation standard. In these standards that are abolished, those who belong to oil and chemical industry category is mutual 63. Among them, chemical occupation standard 3, petrifaction occupation standard 2, occupation standard of oil natural gas 58. This is national hair changes appoint basis " standardization law carries out byelaw " regulation, the decision that after the organization has review a case to already implementing the occupation standard of 5 years of above, makes.

Occupation standard of revocatory 3 chemical industry is: HG/T

3596, 1999 " electric insulation presses quick glue adhesive tape with polyvinyl chloride " , HG/T2777, 1996 " stability 2 oxidation chloric solution " , HG/T

20695, 1987 " chemical conduit designs a standard " . Nod this to examine overall level
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