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" level of industrial industry state and occupation standard catalog (2008) " is
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Study by mechanical science half an year of total courtyard last a period of time weaves " level of industrial industry state and occupation standard catalog (2008) " (next weighing " catalog " ) will in June 2008 the bottom is in Beijing formally to publish.
This " catalog " it is level of home's most complete, at present newest industrial industry state and occupation standard catalog, have data bulk big, involve wide, information sex of accurate, effectiveness for a given period of time is strong wait for a characteristic, it is research organization of supervisory branch of standardization management department, technology, standardization, enterprise or business unit, especially the important level data of industrial business.
" catalog " collected the standard of country of industry of active and effective industry that issues up to the approval end 2007 and occupation standard information more than 40 thousand. Content includes metallurgy of natural gas of mechanical, car, light industrial, spin, chemical industry, petro-chemical, oil, coal, black, building materials, nonferrous metal, electric power, pack, the whole country level of industry of pressure vessel of content shedding, commerce, rare earth, boiler and pharmacy equipment is mixed, and the partial state level of the industry such as industry of communication of the building related to industrial industry, forestry, traffic, railroad, aerospace, electron, trade supervision, shipping, public security, environment, nucleus, tobacco, occupation standard and metric calibrating regulations.
This " catalog " the demand that the main characteristic that weave depended on great rate land satisfying the market and industry. " catalog " weaving go up to be arranged by the industry above all, every industry all weaves by the form of industry standard diagram of system, cent is general management standard, common technical standard and product standard 3 parts. The enterprise can pursue kind of alternative according to need, form accord with this enterprise the standard diagram of system of actual condition.
Assume issue " catalog " the Wang Zhenxun that machinist job standardizes a technology to serve a ministry expresses, this " catalog " publish right enterprise or business unit and seasonable understanding, inquiry mixes concerned personnel master industrial industry newest state level and occupation standard information, urge a standard carry out carry out will have main effect.
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