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The announcement that about controlling finished product oil strictly electric p
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Large unit of construction of production of city of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind, deputy provincial provincial capital, Xinjiang develops innovation appoint, prices bureau, censorial hall (bureau) :
Recently, the country raised standard of finished product oil price, announced electric power price to adjust plan, announced to be carried out to electric coal face current price case to intervene. To ensure each measure that move price is carried out smoothly, control chain-reacting in lowermost rate, maintain market price case to be stabilized basically, inform as follows with respect to concerned item now:
One, carry out seriously fulfil finished product oil and electric power price to adjust plan
Each district should be carried out strictly " the country develops innovation appoint about adjusting the announcement of case of finished product oil price " and " the country develops innovation appoint the announcement that concerns an issue about raising electric power price " concerned requirement, it is good to ensure finished product oil, electric power moves price plan to come on stage smoothly to be caught as a main job catch solid. When adjusting pattern of finished product oil price, price of liquid gas, natural gas is not adjusted; When adjusting electrovalency, to the dweller production of the life and agriculture, chemical fertilizer uses electrovalency case to be not made adjust, to Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu Province 3 provinces suffer seismic calamity to affect serious county (city) electrovalency also is not made adjust. Departmental door wants to cooperate closely, cooperation of division of labor, ensure measure of each policy that move price is fulfilled reach the designated position, allowance fund full specified amount in a limited time cash in allowance object hand. Branch of provincial price officer should develop innovation according to the country appoint requirement, clutch research calculates electrovalency to adjust executive plan, publish the measure that move price on time. Each district should strengthen oily to finished product, electric power and traffic to carry those who wait for relevant industry value and market supply and demand to monitor an analysis, dog closely vicissitude of the market is dynamic, all sorts of contradiction that coordinate solution in time to appear definitely and problem, the market after ensuring the plan that move price comes on stage moves smoothly.
2, carry out electric coal price strictly to intervene temporarily measure
Each district should be carried out strictly " the country develops innovation appoint the announcement that faces measure of interpose of current price case about generating electricity to be carried out with coal to the whole nation " , supervise and urge coal production company carries out a country strictly to develop innovation appoint use coal to generating electricity face measure of interpose of current price case, the price giving mine that ensures during the price intervenes coal produces an enterprise to use coal for generating electricity (car board price) do not exceed value of factual on June 19, 2008 close an account. In the meantime, be not the market sale price of coal of key contract report for stability, want to take the step such as rate of demarcate price difference, control current link cost.
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