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Liaoning: Discharge sewage new rule to come on stage
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Liaoning saves Zhu Jinghai of deputy director general of environmental protection bureau 5 days to express, liaoning saves new sewage to discharge a standard integratedly to be promulgated formally to the society. In the whole nation each are provincial inside canton, this one mandatory the firm rate throughout the country that the main contaminant that local standard sets discharges index is banner.
Current, liaoning province discharges gross of of all kinds liquid waste every year to make an appointment with 2.4 billion tons, among them COD discharge capacity is many tons 60. According to introducing, the Liaoning province sewage that promulgates this discharges what the standard set 25 kinds of contaminant integratedly be restricted value and partial industry are highest allow displacement. In 25 kinds of contaminant, 11 kinds are national level in already some, the others is index of pollution of feature of industry of Liaoning province industry 14 kinds. With oxygen demand of main contaminant chemistry (COD) for exemple, the standard that sewage treatment plant of town of Liaoning provincial capital implements at present rises sewage COD content for every 100 milligram, the occupation standard that industry of a few main pollution is as high as hundreds milligram according to COD content even is direct outside row. According to Liaoning province this one new sewage discharges a standard, the content of COD of every litres of sewage that all blowdown unit discharges does not get prep above 50 milligram.
Liaoning saves distant river to administer Hou Yongshun of office vice director to introduce, apply since June 1, 2008 " law of prevention and cure of water pollution of People's Republic of China " regulation, government of people of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government can make water pollution of Home Yan Yuguo content discharges the local water pollution that content discharges a standard standard. To already had local water pollution content discharges water system of the standard to discharge contaminant, ought to carry out local water pollution content discharges a standard. At present area of domestic only minority is carried out in specific river basin similar discharge a standard strictly, and the province that saves such is in inside provincial administration division into districts to be carried out in the round like Liaoning does not see more. The basis is calculated, after new standard is carried out, liaoning province is made an appointment with every year cut discharge capacity of 200 thousand tons of COD.
Additional as we have learned, liaoning saves new sewage to discharge a standard integratedly to be carried out since August 1, 2008. At the appointed time, build, rebuild and extend project will implement this one standard. Before new standard is carried out, already was built and should undertake transforming to sewage disposal establishment instantly in the business that build, at latest discharges a standard at this one new sewage is being carried out after July 1, 2009.
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