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Environmental protection polybag unites a mark to come on stage urgently
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"Be restricted model makes " carry out formally in the whole nation just full moon before long, concern among them execute the law branch " can leave go out to punish sheet 10 thousand yuan greatly " regulation at the outset outside Zenger conspicuous, but the circumstance in be being operated actually is not hopeful however.
In a free market of agricultural products, a business door asks: "Punish 10 thousand? Be city canal will punish industrial and commercial still will punish? Who will be in charge of? " he is apparent not witting " be restricted model makes " fierce.
But some pedlar however " whole " must understand very much. "Ply is less than 0.025 millimeter, how do this let a person be felt with the hand, see with naked eye? " this is apparently in discovering concerned regulation " interstitial " . "The supermarket offers freely connect a bag, empty part writtens guarantee together above, also can carry, calculate do not calculate ' have function of guide and support ' polybag? " this one potential energy raises so specific question, most propbably is to had studied seriously " be restricted model makes " .
Heading small retailer people question goes consulting industrial and commercial branch. "Apropos protruding showed these issues instantly ' be restricted model makes ' soft costal region. " a chief of industrial and commercial place says.
"Execute the law according to very not conveniently, very awkward. " this chief says, polybag produces business to produce manufacturing polybag to whether accord with a standard, need quality supervisory branch comes appraisal; The polybag price that sells on the market is reasonable, need prices branch undertakes supervisory administrative; Merchandise operator purchases polybag to have without build Zhang of stage of purchase and sale to be checked in order to have, want door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to strengthen an examination to wait a moment. Current, relevant file of the country determined the content of be assigned personal responsibility for of every branch roughly, but to disobeying " be restricted model makes " who supervises an examination for travel and give punishment, still do not have corresponding executive detailed rules.
To be not being carried out " be restricted model makes " behavior, some local industry business chance close can according to set related unfair competition law instead give corresponding punishment. At present each still fail to make clear responsibility completely about the branch, the existence on the job is out of line circumstance.
Of free market of agricultural products, village fair " be restricted model " execute the law difficulty is not little also. In execute the law operation level, basically suffer the worry with two old ambiguous ideas: The environmental protection polybag that what kind of polybag just belongs to qualification be? 2 it is OK continue to be offerred freely " with Yu Cheng outfit bulk gives birth to the commodity such as fresh food, cooked food, cooked wheaten food " plastic wrap bagging beforehand, with what prohibit be being offerred freely " have function of guide and support " how is polybag limitted?
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