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PoHS code head on and come
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RoHS just familiar to the ear, poHS came again. What is PoHS? PoHS English full name is Prohibition On Certain Hazardous Substances In Con Sumer Products, chinese interpret is " in consuming sexual product, ban with specific and harmful material " . Norway reported WTO on June 8, 2007, put forward " in consuming sexual product, ban with certain and dangerous chemical material " requirement, 18 kinds of material in saying its will restrict consumable namely PoHS code. This one code is become " Norwegian product code " in the one chapter that is aimed at consumable, limit 18 kinds of specific and harmful material the content in consumable homogeneous materials. 18 kinds of material that get limitation are: Are 6 bromic annulus 12 alkyl, 4 bromic double phenolic A, medium is ketone of muskiness of compound of stannum of compound of arsenic and cadmium and lead and catenary chloridize olefin, lead compound, compound, compound, 3 butyl stannum, 3 phenyl, xylene, muskiness, complete fluorine miserable? Benzene of Juan DMAC, DHTDMAC, double phenolic A, adjacent ester of 2 different laborious, 5 chloric phenol mix 2 formic acid 3 chloric unripe. The material that plans to be restricted to use has endurance, biology to accumulate gender and / or the characteristic of noxiousness. This PoHS code was passed on December 15, 2007, former on January 1, 2008 become effective, consensus still is had no because of a lot of topic for discussions after and adjourn. Expert of limited company of technology of the standard that open bid says, norway is not Europe in all the member of body and European Union, its have a difference in the requirement of environmental protection respect and European Union requirement, more stricter than the European Union even. Although this code applies to Norway only, but what may become similar outcome to go to Europe is electric use with electronic product in fact RoHS standard, because rarely the company is met,be a market technically produce a kind of product that has specific aim alone, unless do not plan,sell the product toward Norway. Idea of both be similar in shape is different -- PoHS name and instruction of European Union RoHS look like close, but both have again very big different. Restrict the product range that contains harmful material to differ above all. The product range that Norwegian PoHS code covers is bigger than RoHS. Because it is a code about consumable, because this PoHS was covered,pack except food, food, all consumable outside nicotian, carriage tool and equipment of fertilizer, medical treatment, accessory equipment. The product category that it includes divides an electron electric kind outside consumable, still include bag of the dress, box, building, toy to wait. And RoHS includes electric electron only equipment is mixed yuan of parts of an apparatus is electric component. The corporeal sort that restricts next is different. PoHS code restricts corporeal sort to 18 is plant, and the corporeal sort that the RoHS instruction of the European Union restricts is 6 kinds, it is much chromium of lead, mercury, cadmium, 6 price, bromiccer couplet respectively benzene and much bromine 2 benzene aether. There is 2 to plant in PoHS code -- lead and cadmium dictate for RoHS place is included, still set taboo of 16 kinds of material besides. The corporeal chroma that restricts again is different. PoHS code dictates than European Union RoHS the limitation of pair of harmful material is more rigid. If plumbic set limit to asks, european Union RoHS dictates the lead of the requirement is restricted to be worth chroma to be 0.1%(1000ppm) , and PoHS code asks lead is restricted to be worth chroma to be 0.01%(100ppm) . Code of the 4th PoHS also has exempt detailed account, but exempt detailed list and European Union RoHS are different. The surveillance that additionally European Union RoHS eliminates and control equipment do not eliminate in Norwegian PoHS, also need to satisfy. The great majority that PoHS code exists before comply with is regular, in including European Union RoHS some batteries and accumulator dictate and already packed an instruction. This means European Union RoHS inside instruction limits electric do not need to accord with more strict plumbic content requirement with electronic product, but the requirement that they must accord with RoHS to did not ask 16 kinds of material of limitation are used. Above content can see, the requirement of PoHS is more stricter than RoHS, but we cannot regard it as merely a kind of method of trade technology camp, what can foreknow from positive aspect is, the ceaseless development of the ceaseless improvement that the green revolution of this industry domain will be helpful for an environment and human civilization.
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