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During the Olympic Games dangerous freightage abstract
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Draw near of the Olympic Games increasingly as Beijing, to danger the superintendency of freightage will be strengthened stage by stage undoubtedly, be in specific during partially dangerous goods will be off-limits most China haven.
Dangerous freightage
An announcement content that Shanghai maritime bureau released on May 20, 2008 is as follows: 1, come from June 15, 2008 maritime to dangerous goods safety was carried on October 10 and pollution is on guard the monitoring of measure will be strengthened.
2, be in afore-mentioned during, the shipping of carry danger goods ought to abide by Shanghai maritime bureau the announcement that about danger of carry bulk liquid state goods shipping safety controlled government the 275th 2005, include to restrict boat age and boat model control regulation. Shipping still needs to implement necessary convoy measure.
3, leave restricted measure to solid on August 31 inflict from July 20: A. Stop to examine and approve item: 1) stops to examine and approve carry to radiate article, the shipping approach of drugs of explosive, drama and exercise. 2) stops to examine and approve shipping to undertake inside harbor crude oil washs cabin operation. 3) stops to examine and approve shipping to undertake inside harbor drive insults work. B. Harbor shipping carries out pass in and out of dangerous to carry bulk liquid state goods to accuse beforehand
It is dangerous that carry divides the bulk liquid state beyond goods of danger of the name of the recipient goods shipping, need is in those who restrict harbor of the pass in and out inside period of time, shanghai maritime bureau implements strict control measure, need to abide by relevant restricted measure strictly. Be located in in goods everybody or sheet of relevant landing work only before July 15, 2008 danger of bulk liquid state trends of shipping of exercise of harbor of goods pass in and out forecasts watch, lash-up to contact watch and lash-up to be on guard the material such as measure, with written form the newspaper sends Shanghai maritime bureau, classics approval is rear can enter, leave a port.
It is OK that shipping trends forecasts watch and lash-up connection watch from Shanghai the website of maritime bureau downloads. These form besides need written newspaper to send maritime bureau beyond, still must add at the same time send file of EXCEL electron article floppy disk, or send with email form:
4, relevant shipping and unit should abide by afore-mentioned regulations strictly, adjust ahead of schedule produce and carry a plan, do work of good reserve lash-up adequately. If ship,involve the national economy and the people's livelihood and other special need, should beforehand refers special subject to apply for to Shanghai maritime bureau, classics approval is rear can take a harbor work.
Other harbor oral message ceases
The message says, to ensure dangerous goods is in during the Olympic Games the safety of haven works, will prohibit to following on August 31 haven from July 16 of halfway danger goods assemble and unassemble and enter a haven to work:
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