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Shanghai drama poisonous chemical carries superintendency announcement
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Each drama poisonous chemical sells an unit:According to the regulation that security of Olympic Games of city public security bureau works, came on July 25 time-out deals with virulent chemical to buy a certificate during August 22 (4 couplet are odd) , of carriage card formalities examine and approve. Came on July 1 on July 23, came on August 23 during October 10, poisonous chemical carries all drama to all allow in nightly undertake (specific time: Inside outer shroud line 22 when to morrow before dawn 4 when, outside outer shroud line: 23 when to morrow before dawn 5 when) . This city virulent chemical carries pass in and out the car must want strict carry according to 12 certain dangerous chemical way appoint road junction pass in and out (Ge Long of line of 321 Guo Daoan booth, 204 nations, Shanghai too Lu Yang bridge, 318 countries on the west, shanghai goes freeway green highway of freeway double temple, north is filled with maple short for the Jinghe River, booth maple greatly, ) of big bridge of Hang Jingong Lu Xinlian, the East China Sea. Unit of each virulent chemical selling operation must be carried out strictly according to afore-mentioned regulations, contact in time with concerned unit. Shanghai public security bureau grows detachment of peaceful substation public security on June 30, 2008

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