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Without the Wen Gu in solvent mechanical function studies adhesive of the oxygen
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Summary: Yi Xiang forest  of balance of prize of Lao of He Chen of  of children's hair of Jia of cost of  of form deer leave uncovered is numerous? of Tu Hechen of male Luan of frequency of elder brother of  of 7 ⒄ careless not only ameliorable environment quality, and mechanical function has rise substantially. Introduce fat link a group of things with common features A of double phenol of modified of 3 functionality epoxy resin epoxy resin, the Wen Gu in implementation of accelerant catalysis acid anhydride is changed. It is good that resinite fastens wet to fibrous sex, the fiber below normal temperature condition enhances resinous flexural strength to be 559.11MPa, shear strength falls for environment of 54.17MPa; damp and hot [(℃ of 65 ± 2) / the shear strength of 12h] passes lens of electronic scanning report to analyse its for 50.80MPa; fracture surface micromechanism is even and compact, and destroy a form to rupture for tenacity.

Keyword: ; of epoxy resin of Yi Xiang? is medium tenacity of; of intensity of lukewarm; damp and hot ruptures

Because epoxy resin has remarkable conglutinate power, fight chemical medium to corrode the function such as ability, wide application seals the industry such as material, coating at adhesive, fill. But the restriction that accepts craft element, often use aromatic hydrocarbon, ester kind, the viscosity that the dissolvent such as ketone reduces epoxy resin, and these dissolvent have noxiousness mostly, after volatilizing, pollute to the environment bigger. Implementing the commonly used method that low viscosity fastens without solvent resinite is the epoxy resin that adds quality of active thinner or small element, but the molecular quality that these methods can cause condensate distributings not divide evenly, affect the performance of solidify material thereby. The 3 functionality epoxy resin that the article uses low viscosity (TDE85) and acid anhydride kind solidify agent (isomerization THP

A) for main raw material, realized the room temperature low viscosity of colophony system, have good craft sex. The structure of condensate is compact network structure, have taller mechanical property.

1 experimental part

1.1 basically raw material

4, annulus of 5 annulus oxygen personal alkyl 1, 2 2 formic acid ester of 2 shrink glycerine (the structure of TDE85) is like type (1) :

Value of its annulus oxygen is 0.84 ~ 0.87, viscosity is 300mPa‧s(25 ℃ ) about, performance is steady under 200 ℃ , 290 ℃ begin to appear to get together oneself, solidify child integral performance is good aether of glycerine of shrink of A2 of; double phenol epoxy resin (E51) , viscosity is less than 2500mPa‧s(40 ℃ ) 4 hydrogen of; adjacent benzene anhydride of 2 formic acid (isomerization THPA) , the mixture of the isomer, buff liquid is below room temperature, the benzene between; of crystal of the separate out when microtherm 2 amine (MPDA) , chemistry is simple, melting point is 63 ℃ , colorless to flaxen crystal, easy oxidation shows aether of butyl of propane of oxygen of black; annulus in air (501# thinner) , ) of viscosity 6.4mPa‧s(25 ℃ , colorless to buff transparent liquid.
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