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Balata of ER acrylic ester
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ER is a kind of special type balata

Balata of ER acrylic ester is by acid of ethylene, vinyl second ester is mixed acrylic ester copolymerization and become elastomer, have be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly sex of high low temperature and oil resistant sex, hold the character of ACM and AEM concurrently. Vulcanization active nods the oxygen that it is annulus model with carboxylic acid model.


1) balata character


Vulcanization is bit more active

 The door the Buddhist nun


 ER 3400

Annulus oxygen


 The most exceedingly good oil resistant sex. Flame retardant and oily can compare with the balata of fourth nitrile balata of tall nitrile content, sex of acid-proof sex benzine better

 ER 5300

 Annulus oxygen


Exceedingly good high temperature resistant quality, be able to bear or endure Wen Da still has good oil resistant performance when 175 ℃ . Apply to the part that needs heat-resisting, oil especially is used in harsh environment, in be like the alternant ageing that is in high temperature and oil.

 ER 8401

Annulus oxygen


 General-purpose. Be able to bear or endure performance of high low temperature is the greatest evenly.


 Annulus oxygen


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