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What is balata of fluorine, silicon
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Synthetic rubber can be divided commonly for general synthetic rubber and special type synthetic rubber two kinds. Function of general synthetic rubber and natural balata are similar, use at making general balata product, special type synthetic rubber is had high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure microtherm, acid-proof alkaline wait for an advantage, multi-purpose at special environment and high-tech domain, wait for a respect like aviation, spaceflight, military affairs, and the among them person that above average is fluorine balata and silicon balata. At the beginning of developing application, they are to be war industry form a complete set, hind because performance is superior and promotion comes civil domain, rapid development each segment that to national economy departmental door and people produce the life, make the surroundings that produces process and person gets great improvement, present a capacious development prospect.

One, balata of fluorine balata fluorine is elastomer of special type synthesis, its advocate receive on the carbolic atom on catenary or side catenary have extremely electronegative strong fluorine is atomic, because C-F key can be big (485KJ/mol) , and radius of fluorine atom covalence is 0.64A, be equivalent to the half with C-C long key, because this fluorine atom is OK C-C advocate catenary well screen rises, assured the stability of C-C catenary, make its have the superior performance that other balata cannot compare, like oil resistant, oil resistant, be able to bear or endure chemical function, good physical machinery performance and be able to bear or endure await gender, insulating property and radiation resistance to wait, in all synthetic rubber its integral performance is optimal, common says " balata king " . Basically use at making high temperature resistant, oil resistant, be able to bear or endure the rubber products of medium, wait like canal of all sorts of weather strip, diaphragmatic, glue, adhesive plaster, also can use as electrical wiring is cortical, anticorrosive liner. Wide application received in the domain such as aviation, car, oil, chemical industry. On martial industry, the respect such as the weather strip that fluorine balata basically uses at spaceflight, aviation and carrier rocket, satellite, battleplan, new-style tank, vitta and electric circuit jacket, it is the crucial material that national defence cannot replace in most advanced industry.

1. The main function of fluorine balata and application from advocate look on catenary structure, fluorine balata can divide for 3 kinds of main types: Namely fluorine carbon balata, fluorine silicon balata, fluorine changes phosphorous nitrile balata. Give priority to with fluorine carbon balata among them, and among them in order to slant fluorine ethylene and copolymerization of 3 fluorine chloric ethylene (1# glue) , slant fluorine ethylene and copolymerization of 6 fluorine propylene (2# glue) , slant fluorine ethylene and 6 fluorine propylene and 4 fluorine ethylene 3 yuan of copolymerization (3# glue) give priority to.

(1)1# fluorine balata has good physical machinery performance and chemical stability, can be under 200 ℃ use for a long time, under 250 ℃ short-term use; Fragile dot is - ℃ of 20 ℃ ~ -40; Be able to bear or endure admirably medium function, the stability of action of acerbity to organic dissolvent, inorganic, oxidant is excellent, be able to bear or endure especially acidity and exceedingly good; Have be able to bear or endure wonderfully climate, be able to bear or endure ozone function, after several years are exposed in atmosphere, change of physical machinery performance is very small, to microbial action also stabler. 1# fluorine balata is current home only dawn courtyard production. Basically use at preparation heat-resisting, oil resistant, acid-proof rubber products. Like weather strip, glue film of mat of canal, rubber, adhesive plaster, adhesive plaster, book, gasoline tank is mixed dipped article also can use the oversheath that makes wire and device anticorrosive liner, apply extensively at the domain such as aviation industry, oil industry, auto industry, chemical industry.

(Balata of fluorine of 2# of 2)2# fluorine balata is the fluorine balata variety with the greatest dosage. Have stability of good keep in storage, insulating property and radiation resistance; Admirable oil resistant, be able to bear or endure medium sex; Wonderful vacuum performance, can satisfy the need of special situation; Hear resistance is good, can use for a long time below 250 ℃ normally, below 300 ℃ short-term use. 

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