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Balata content sex reachs utility table
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Balata material is qualitative
Actor defect
Fourth glue / NBR
Close by propylene and butadiene copolymerization and become, propylene content by 18% - 50% , propylene content heals tall, the repellency of oil of fuel of the oily to petrifaction hydrogen that taste carbon has healed, but microtherm function becomes poor. Limits of average use temperature is ─ of 25 ° C 100 ° C. Fourth glue is the balata material with oil seal and O the at present most commonly used circle to pledge one of.
1, have fight oil goodly, fight water, fight solvent and the character that fight high-pressured oil.
2, have good compression to be out of shape, fight grind reach stretchy power.

1, do not suit to be used at polarity dissolvent in, for example hydrocarbon of ketone, ozone, nitro- , MEK and chloroform.
1, use at making Xi gasoline tank, lube box and grease of hydraulic pressure oil, benzine, water, silicon, silicone oil, 2 ester are being fastened in oil is lube, Gan Chun the balata part that uses in the fluid medium such as oil of department hydraulic pressure, especially sealed spare parts. Can saying is current utility the balata weather strip of lowest of the widest, cost.
Hydrogenation fourth glue / HNBR
Hydrogenation fourth glue is double catenary of part of the purify after hydrogen sulfide of the by in fourth glue, its are able to bear or endure after classics hydrogen sulfide lukewarm sex, be able to bear or endure await a gender a lot of taller than general Ding Jiaodi, oil resistant sex and close of common man glue. 150 ° of ─ of C of ° of 25 of Fan Wei of average use temperature C.
1, fourther glue is had relatively the anti-wear properties of beautiful.
2, fight corrode admirably, fight piece, fight rip and compress metabolic character.
3, good repellency is provided below ozone, sunshine and the big oxygen condition that its change.
4, generally speaking applicable in the clear lotion that uses garment of listen with respectful attention or bowl of listen with respectful attention.

1, do not suggest to use Yu Chun kind, ester kind or in the solution that is scent a group of things with common features.
1, the weather strip that is used line of business of air conditioning refrigeration, extensively in system of R134a of environmental protection cold intermediary.

2, weather strip of car engine system.
Glue of third of 3 yuan of second / EPDM
By second rare reach propylene copolymerization to close and become advocate catenary disagreement double catenary, accordingly hear resistance, ageing resistance, be able to bear or endure ozone sex, invariability all very outstanding, but cannot sulfureous add sulfur. To solve this problem, in EP advocate guide on catenary into a few the 3rd component that has double catenary but brimstone adds sulfur to become EPDM namely, limits of average use temperature is ─ of 50 ° C 150 ° C. Reach phosphoric acid fat like mellow, Dong, glycol to polarity dissolvent kind hydraulic pressure oily repellency is admirable.
1, good fight await a gender to reach fight ozone sex.
2, provide admirable water-resistance to reach fight chemical thing.
3, can use with alcohol kind reach Dong kind.
4, high temperature resistant evaporate oxygen, provide to gas good impermeable.
1, do not suggest to be used at food and road or it is to expose Yu Fangxiang in hydrogen.
1, the weather strip of environment of high temperature water vapour.
2, weather strip of the equipment that defend bath or spare parts.
3, apply the brake (brake) the rubber spare parts in the system.

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