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Of fluorine balata sizing material cooperate
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One, vulcanizing system
23 model with 26 model the fluorine carbon compound that fluorine balata is saturation, cannot use sulfureous undertake vulcanization, but in 2 amine vulcanizing agent of vulcanizing agent, 2 hydroxyl compound and organic below the action that crosses oxide, can undertake vulcanization reacts.
Glue of vulcanization of amine vulcanizing agent, be out of shape inferior, acid-proof sex is poor; Oxidize too acyl of 2 benzene armour is acid-proof the gender is good, but hear resistance is poorer, technical properties is bad. Vulcanizing agent is very at present much, commonly used vulcanizing agent basically is 3, 4, 5 (much hydroxyl compound) had mixed oxidation acyl of 2 benzene armour.
Full name of 3 vulcanizing agent: N, n- double Chinese cassia tree is forked - 1, 6, oneself 2 amine;
Full name of 4 vulcanizing agent: Double- - (4- ammonia personal radical annulus personal radical) methane salt of amino formic acid
Full name of 5 vulcanizing agent: To benzene 2 phenol (hydrogenous Kun)
23 model fluorine balata often has used oxidation acyl of 2 benzene armour makes vulcanizing agent, basically use at acid-proof goods; 26 fluorine balata is commonly used at oily goods of heat-resisting, heat-resisting, basically use amine vulcanizing agent (3 vulcanizing agent) .
Amine vulcanizing agent 3 vulcanizing agent disperse easily, have the effect that add model to sizing material, technical properties is good, the hear resistance of vulcanization glue and pressure become passable. 4 vulcanizing agent are to follow 246 model fluorine balata appears and develop, fail to be used generally; The vulcanizing agent that 5 vulcanizing agent appear as what Viton E glue plants and develops.
1.2 amine vulcanizing agent:
Existing in fluorine balata element, CH2, CF2, chain link, because fluorine is extremely atomic strong electronegative, those who make matter closes in heat and alkalization (be like amine, magnesian etc) when existence, easily the Shuang Jian that emergence fluorine changes hydrogen to form easy polarization, structure of this kind of olefin that contain fluorine is like amine, phenol very easily with close nucleus reagent kind addition, generate cross-linking to bolt. Common 2 amine or much amine start in the vulcanization in fluorine balata fast the treatment security that reduced size, all use commonly those who concealment is multivariate amine, just produce its effect when higher temperature, so that tardily vulcanization starts, salt of cricoid amino formic acid is namely those who concealment is multivariate the delegate of amine.
Increase as vulcanizing agent dosage, the hardness of vulcanization glue, intensity increases, percentage elongation and compression set are reduced, the intensity after high temperature ageing maintains rate rise somewhat, stretchy maintain rate criterion to drop significantly.
Acid is joined in sizing material to accept put oneself in another's position in cooperating (inhale acerbity dose namely) , so that counteract the fluorine of the separate out in process of fluorine balata vulcanization effectively,change hydrogen (or chloridize hydrogen) . Fluorine changes hydrogen or the existence of chloridize hydrogen can hamper the cross-linking with farther balata can corrode equipment badly, because suck what acerbity agent can promote vulcanization cross-linking density to rise, gift the thermal stability with vulcanization better glue, call activator or stabilizing agent again so. The function of agent suction acid is as basic as its lose by force about, alkalescent stronger, criterion the vulcanization rate of earning vulcanization glue is higher, hardness, intensity is higher, percentage elongation and compression set are lesser, but alkalescent stronger, treatment security is poorer, more easily anxious burn. Commonly used suction is acerbity the agent has lead of calcium of magnesian, oxidation, oxidation, 2 salt base inferior phosphoric acid lead, agent suction acid has bigger effect to the function of vulcanization glue, should according to the requirement to sizing material proper choice. The recipe appropriate that always gives priority to with heat-resisting is used magnesian to inhale acerbity dose, should ask at the same time when low compression set, usable oxidation calcium is magnesian perhaps use with oxidation calcium, ask acid-proof recipe uses oxidation lead to be agent suction acid. Mix when use zinc oxide 2 salt base inferior when phosphoric acid lead is combined, criterion hear resistance is general, but those who had had be able to bear or endure ability in swimming and high temperature resistant the function of water vapour. The dosage of oxide is 15~25 portion commonly.

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