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Liquid silicon balata
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Company of Laur silicon rubber revealed balata of silicon of new generation liquid. This kind of material used current and advanced smooth vulcanization technology (EC) , solved balata of silicon of liquid of current double constituent (a few problems that LSR) exists. This kind of material can be fastened as monomer (after IP) cooperates adequately, supply.

Although this kind of material still lies,commercialize initial stage, but because its have the following advantage, applied perspective is very wide: 1. Cooperate adequately -- need not mix an operation; 2. Did not deserve to compare undeserved material; 3. Need not clear mixture equipment; 4. Did not clear the stock loss in the process; 5. Superior physical performance (tensile strength, pull) of percentage elongation, tear strength, hot aging behavior, compression set; 6. Store life is long; 7. Vulcanization cycle is short; 8. Accord with management board of American food medicaments (FDA) standard; 9 adjustable color; 10. Different hard. Degree can mix.

Although claim normally,liquid silicon balata cooperates adequately already, but be not actually such. Balata of general liquid silicon has two constituent, a and B, before use need mixes. Below room temperature, after mixing store life not over 3d. Below most circumstance, want to join colorant beforehand when having a demand to color. This kind of new stable vulcanizing system can be supplied as odd constituent, need not decomposite. This means a need general raw material direct infuse arrives in the mould can.

Because balata of silicon of double constituent liquid needs to mix before use, inevitably presence is local deserve to compare undeserved problem. To double constituent system, if pump moves abnormal, deserve to compare undeserved material with respect to meeting generation. The vulcanization cycle that mixes to all can not affect balata and physical function.

Of double constituent glue store life not over 3d. Should mix equipment so long need not when, must clear its clean. Clear only A and B constituent among them when, scale mixes when after can bringing about equipment, be being enabled undeserved, create the waste of material. The system has the data that uses new smooth vulcanization technology to store longly life, reason should mix equipment long need not when need not clear or clean is changed.

If express 1-3 place to show, with silicon of existing double constituent liquid balata photograph is compared, balata of this kind of new odd constituent silicon has similar property. Did not list this is planted in the watch the viscosity of new material, the viscosity that is the same as balata of silicon of double constituent liquid actually also is close.

Watch 1 40 spends function of double constituent and physics of balata of silicon of odd constituent liquid to contrastPhysical functionardness

Tensile strength, MPa

Pull percentage elongation, %

Tear strength, KN/m

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